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Call me Science.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

Pat on head~

Banner by :iconsolidmars: after I won :iconinsomniaplague:'s contest. Do check out their wonderful pages.

Hello. Thanks for visiting, even if it is by accident.

I like Warhammer 40,000, video games, Dragon Nest, anime, original characters and some other stuff. Traditional art is my mainstay, but I'm dabbling in the digital realm as well. Also some writing and poetry, because why not.

Sometimes I say things I don't mean.

I don't know anyone on Deviantart in real life. Then again, real life doesn't have as many friends.

I just know it by 1FoxyladyDisconnected Stamp by SparklyDest'Notes make me feel special' stamp by Synfull

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Life can be hard. End it well.



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I'd love to give back to the community, as others have done, in the form of points, commissions and premiums. Each one is loved :heart:

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Black and White Pen/Pencil Drawings
Vangar Shriek - Wrath by sciencevsart
Look At All The Fucks I Give by sciencevsart
Eight-Ball - Anger Management by sciencevsart
Aikobo by sciencevsart
Darkminster - Power by sciencevsart
Jojo's Bizarre Heresy by sciencevsart
Dibs on drawing science fiction characters.

You get a free hug if it's an epic battle scene. Me likey epic battle scenes. Give me as many details as possible, and I will endeavour to make some, if not most, of them happen.

Thanks for reading, by the way. You da best. You da you da best.


Orthrus Annihilators Character Sketches by sciencevsart
Orthrus Annihilators Character Sketches
Character design by: SpikyRhinoBox
Future colourer: Nihilusei

Coming soon.
The Other Guys - Dark Heresy by sciencevsart
The Other Guys - Dark Heresy
"I don't like you. I think you're a fake acolyte. The sound of your piss hitting the urinal? It sounds feminine. If we were in the wild, I would attack you. Even if you weren't part of my food chain, I would go out of my way to attack you. If I were an Eldar and you were a squig, I would teleport all the way to your part of the greenskin horde and freaking EAT YOU! And then I'd bang your squig girlfriend."

"Okay, first off - wait, that's disturbing."

Just finished watching The Other Guys and it was funny as hell. Of course, a 40K crossover came to mind eventually: specifically Dark Heresy, due to the shenanigans you could get up to in there, what with being a normal human in a universe of giant green alien wrestlers and army-annihilating technoaliens with plasma rifles. 

Here, Will Ferrell would be the Techpriest who somehow became a pimp in high school, and Mark Wahlberg would be the Guardsman who plays spider solitaire at work. Together, they would expose Ershon as a money-grubbing scammer who - wait a second. Ah, screw that, never put that much thought into it anyway.

Since this is Dark Heresy, it woudn't be complete without a psyker accidentally summoning a daemon.

"What the hell is this?"
"It's my ride. It's a Sentinel."
"I feel like we're literally driving around in a vagina."
Stellar and Kardel by sciencevsart
Stellar and Kardel
Featuring :iconrougestatus:'s and Stellar's characters in moe form. Samson (left) is supposed to be fully three metres tall, way more than Kardel (right) but I messed up the proportions a little, so the stool is there to balance things out. A bit. Featuring Kardel's dog.

Here, Samson is a braided ass-kicking Dark Angel with as much bling as can fit on power armour. Kardel was so bald as a dude she grew hair. A lot of hair. Anyway, zoom in for details! Lots of 'em. Don't miss them, please.

I Have No Mouth And I Must Grow by sciencevsart
I Have No Mouth And I Must Grow
My leaves burst from eyelid pods
on branches of vein and fingernail
Each tendril a nerve cluster watered by tears and blood.

Poison ivy - it springs healthy, its triple tongues caressing skin
It outgrows my hair;
Fills my scalp with delicious rash
So beautiful, so deadly
So confusing.

What is a cherry blossom? It is a
generous with pink petals
fragrant and deeply rooted in
my liver
its trunk penetrating lungs, kidneys
Anything for a drop of its wonderful young.

I have 
No organs, no flesh
My skin is stretched across quiet bark and leafy shoots
Can you feel it
The hard branches sticking into my bones from within
The twigs snaking through my empty arteries
Crawling, growing, peeling away 
Can you feel it
I cannot blink
My eyes are dry and scorching with autumn dust
And waiting for the ice of winter, where my
will wither and die and ice over 

I have no mouth
Who am I 
a failed ornament, left to 
fester in an untamed garden bed.
Until one day, its owners glance at the forgotten soil:
"Ah," they will say, "I forgot to clean it up."
"What an eyesore."
And they will take their poison and blades and machines
to shear off my limbs
fill my silent heart with murder
and clean the slate

I have no mouth
Erin will disappear, forgotten
No trace on the earth
A new plant will grow in her place
And he shall try to ask, "Who am I?"
and realise,

"I have no mouth."

Super Alfa Legion Moe Moe Time by sciencevsart
Super Alfa Legion Moe Moe Time
Left to right: :iconyohan-gas-mask:, Spiky Rhino Box, Marx, Nexus

I tried me best - but the planning stage was kind of rushed, so I couldn't think of many ideas for poses. Yohan is simply enjoying the feel of rapid-fire death-dealing, rhino is confused here over the French maid costume despite the fact that he asked for it, Marx is trying to fake a moustache for some reason, and Nexus is being Nexus and trying to ban me. Probably.

Another part of the Alfa Legion Chan series.


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