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Banner by :iconsolidmars: after I won :iconinsomniaplague:'s contest. Do check out their pages.

Hello. Thanks for visiting, even if it is by accident.

I like Warhammer 40,000, video games, Phantasy Star, Dragon Nest, anime, original characters and a lot of other stuff. Traditional art is my mainstay, but I'm dabbling in the digital realm as well. Also some writing and poetry, because why not.

Sometimes I say things I don't mean. Words are really hard.

I just know it by 1FoxyladyDisconnected Stamp by SparklyDest'Notes make me feel special' stamp by Synfull

Stamp spam:

Random Kind Comment Stamp by Mirz123Love Comments Stamp by GaretiemMusic of the Generation by SongficcerClassical Music Stamp by xrealisticxSTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzStamp, Not Enough Sleep by BriBriBlitzForgetful by prosaixThe power of flight by prosaixRandom Crap by AssClownFishpeople allergy stamp - clean by tirsdenTyping Stamp by In-The-MachineSlow Stamp by WetWithRainArt Geek Stamp by xoxostudiosWishful Thinking by whispwillDifferent by fear-the-brillianceI Love Nature 2 by WearwolfaaI heart thunderstorms by Janlover+Art Neglection Stamp+ by dantesgirlne shiteru? by lynseylewnocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexaHolmes Quote Stamp by Mirz123Stamp: Immaturity? by BritazzyEpilepsy by TheLeavesOfMemoryI love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo

Life can be hard. End it well.



Black and White Pen/Pencil Drawings
Self-important, edgy statement goes here. You might think it's not worth your money, in which case, feel free to let me know.

Here is my commission info:

1. Drawing: $5
Verry-san by sciencevsartShimakaze - Cobra Destroyer by sciencevsartFor The Emperor! by sciencevsart
Minimal shading, moderate detail, normally done for requests and sharing purposes. 

2. Detailed Drawing: $7 (profile) $9 (full-body)
Tokinep - Faith by sciencevsartWarden Chaplain Lightning of the 7th Company by sciencevsartGawaen, the Blood Dragon by sciencevsart
High shading, high detail (needs explanation, of course), normally character profiles or full-body pictures. Price is, again, dependant on effort required.

3. Drawing with background / many characters: $10
Happier Times by sciencevsart

Mature Content

Platon and Yami - Five Minutes Into Deployment by sciencevsart
Jojo's Bizarre Heresy by sciencevsart
Also applies if the whole page is filled. Moderate shading, moderate detail. A midpoint of sorts.

4. Detailed drawing with detailed background: $15
Welcome to Ativa -Warhammer 40, 000 by sciencevsartThe Revenant by sciencevsart

Mature Content

Betrayal by sciencevsart

The best of the best. Full shadings, full detail, lots of pre-planning and description required - some artistic license may apply. Rest assured I will put the best I can into it.

Landscape 'epic' battle scenes count as no. 4, although you get a discount if I enjoyed drawing it. I do, really, really like drawing battles. Prices are negotiable before I start drawing and not after. WIPs can be privately shared upon request.

Rule I: I take a varied amount of time to complete things. You can remind me if I'm taking too long, though.

Rule II: Yes, I still do requests. But come on, if you could help me feed myself, why wouldn't you?

Rule III: Please always acknowledge me if you are going to share any of my work. I thought it'd be common principle, but as usual, I was horribly mistaken.

Thank you. 

Ignore the points thing. A Core Membership is meaningless. It adds a few shiny ribbons, but on this profile, it's like adding colours to a sack of shit. Nothing will change.
9.18 am: Your work isn't good enough for this site. Why even bother checking?

10.21 am: They're busy with video games. Of course they are. Why would they want to play with you when they have better friends?

10.26 am: How long are you going to sit here and wait for people to start a conversation with you?

10.37 am: Maybe you should talk to them.

10.37 am: Maybe you shouldn't talk to them.

10.43 am: Don't kid yourself. They're all being polite because honesty is overrated.

11.13 am: They're online, but just decided you're not worth their time.

11.22 am: No one wants you or to be near you. There's no reason to.

11.50 am: Video games? You thought playing games would make it go away for a few minutes?

12.05 am: You've sat here for three hours waiting for someone to reply to your messages. Take a hint.

12.21 am: People play games that they like, with people they enjoy being with.

12.35 am: Maybe they don't want to play with people who suck at games. Who knew.

12.39 am: Oh, look, they changed games. No replies. Take a goddamn hint.

13.08 pm: How desperate are you?

13.11 pm: Just how desperate are you, waiting for someone to play with? Are you still a child, begging for attention? 

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14.29 pm: Chat messages are useless small talk that don't achieve anything. No one wants to talk to you, you sack of shit. Can't you see people are busy? Just end the fucking conversation.

15.00 pm: Medication alarm. Ever heard of offline play? What's that? You're lonely? Give me a break.

15.49 pm: Everyone is asleep on the other side of the world, you idiot. If they saw your real face, they wouldn't even talk to you in the first place.

15.52 pm: Nothing really changes. Should've learned that a long time ago.

15.59 pm: Maybe your dreams will have people who actually want to talk to you.

17.23 pm: Gotcha, they don't.

17.29 pm: Hey, the room is filling up with people! Maybe these strangers entering a public student room to use the Internet will acknowledge your presence.

18.40 pm: Eat something, you can't wallow in your self-pity by starving yourself.

19.17 pm: Wow, you've hit ten hours sitting in a corner, waiting for people to play games with you. You are so, so sad.

19.31 pm: Look at all those emo thoughts you've written. You should write a grungy poem or some shit.

20.35 pm: Death by carbon monoxide poisoning is the most peaceful way to go. It's like going to sleep, slowly losing the will or thought of going on. It'd be so calming and quiet.

21.00 pm: Yeap, publish this as a journal! It'll be so deep and attract people to comment on your misery! As they pretend to care, fill yourself with the pathetic excuse for resolve and others' false sympathy to take away from your worthlessness.


Undertale - Into the Underground by sciencevsart
Undertale - Into the Underground
Toby Fox presents

Spirited Away 2: Undertale

I had a lot of fun making this! This isn't strictly a crossover, but just an excuse to draw Undertale. Not able to fit all the characters inside, or draw the rest of the train (not willing, or not able?), but finally, I could draw Gaster! An enigmatic character, said to be related to Sans and Alphys' experiments in a horrible accident that [SPOILERS].

Ah hell, I'll say it anyway. You've been warned.

It's hinted that one of the experiments went wrong and caused Gaster to be fragmented, shredded, removed from reality, but not fully in that he is still aware of it somehow, existing outside space and time. The poor bastard. Also, San's weapon is called a 'gasterblaster'; make of that what you will of their initial plans.

It was really great to draw skellington Sans, too. Most artwork has him as the cute, chubby face-destroyer pun-maker he is in the game, but I'd be a little unnerved if a skeleton with glowing eyes talked to me. Until the jokes begin. Then I shall join him. Too bad I can't fit Toriel or Papyrus in there completely. Also, Asriel's pot is empty because FUKKEN DUH


I might need a whole new folder now
That's Heresy! by sciencevsart
That's Heresy!
New series, "Legionnaires with Hats", featuring a Swedish gardener living with his deranged, sausage-cooking roomate, who may or may not be a psychotic mass-murderer.

On a more serious note, I fucked up Karl's eyes. Fuck. Sorry, :iconkokarorloli:. As for :iconalfabusa:, I dunno how accurate this is...

Orthrus Rising 14 by sciencevsart
Orthrus Rising 14
From an abandoned comic. Wish it was never stopped in its infancy, but intention and outcome rarely coincide. The Orthrus Annihilators are property of :iconlittlecutter: and :iconfailsnake:, while the characters are by :iconspikyrhinobox:.

Prev:  Orthrus Rising 13
Next: I hope there'll be one. Eventually. Maybe. 
First: Orthrus Rising 1

Orthrus Rising 13 by sciencevsart
Orthrus Rising 13
From an abandoned comic. Wish it was never stopped in its infancy, but intention and outcome rarely coincide. The Orthrus Annihilators are property of :iconlittlecutter: and :iconfailsnake:, while the characters are by :iconspikyrhinobox:.

Prev:  Orthrus Rising 12
Next:  Orthrus Rising 14
First: Orthrus Rising 1

Orthrus Rising 12 by sciencevsart
Orthrus Rising 12
From an abandoned comic. Wish it was never stopped in its infancy, but intention and outcome rarely coincide. The Orthrus Annihilators are property of :iconlittlecutter: and :iconfailsnake:, while the characters are by :iconspikyrhinobox:.

Prev:  Orthrus Rising 11
Next:  Orthrus Rising 13
First: Orthrus Rising 1


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